About Us

INCUBE.CO is all about making your ideas and business plans a success. From teaching you and your kids about entrepreneurship and financial literacy to designing and creating web3 blockchain applications and everything in between, we are here to help you!

We Are Your Support

When you are just starting out, everything is so expensive when you have a small scale. We are here to help you. To help we started our own print shop, publishing, import/export, and software development departments.

Whether you are writing a book, have a T-Shirt design in your head, have a business idea that you don’t know how to start or where to go from here, get on a free call with Andrew to see if we can give you some direction or help.


Entrepreneur Heart

We love entrepreneurship. We teach it to kids and adults alike. Our business experience covers everything from setting up the business to marketing and automated systems.


Print Shop

Buying in volume is BRUTAL when you want to save in costs but don’t have the need for all those items. It’s the reason we started our Print Shop. From 3D Printing to White Toner printing and transfers, we can now offer affordable low volume runs on almost anything from postcards to t-shirts, mugs, etc. Reach out to see how we can help.


Startup Consultations

Have an idea that will disrupt a billion dollar market? Not sure what to do next? Hire us as a consultant or virtual CTO. We’ll take you from here to there!

Whether you are in a tech field or not we can help you by offering our expertise to leverage technology to automate systems or make sure you are ready to move to web3.


Accountability Partnership

Do you have everything under control except you? Let us help you through accountability partnership. You set the cadence of meetings. Set your goal, we’ll help you get results… it doesn’t have to be about business, either.

Customized Solutions to Get You Results!

Meet Our Creative Team

Andrew Muhtar

Creative Head & CTO

Kimberly Muhtar

VP of Women & Family